General questions
Account registration at BASEKCALL is only required if you will be selling or buying Products. This ensures a valid communication channel for all parties involved in any transactions.
Yes,you can submit own service & product.firstly you've register as seller or service provider with basekcall then you'll sell your product and service.
All prices for products, services and other items, including each seller's or buyer's account balance are in INR (Indian rupies)
Any registed user, who presents a work, which is genuine and appealing, can post it on BASEKCALL.
The steps involved in this process are really simple. All you need to do is:
  • Register an account
  • Activate your account
  • Go to the Seller Panel upload your product and services
  • The next step is the approval step, which usually takes about some hours.
Here, at BASEKCALL, we offer a great, 70% rate for each seller, regardless of any restrictions, such as volume, date of entry, etc.
There are a number of reasons why you should join us:
  • A great 70% flat rate for your items.
  • Fast response/approval times. Many sites take weeks to process a theme or template. And if it gets rejected, there is another iteration. We have aliminated this, and made the process very fast. It only takes up to 72 hours for a template/theme to get reviewed.
  • We are not an exclusive marketplace. This means that you can sell your items on BASEKCALL, as well as on any other marketplate, and thus increase your earning potential.
The best way to transfer funds is via PAYPAL. This secure platform ensures timely payments and a secure environment.
Our standard payment plan provides for monthly payments. At the end of each month, all accumulated funds are transfered to your account. The minimum amount of your balance should be at least 70 INR (Indian Rupies).
Buying a products & service on BASEKCALL is really simple. Each product & service has a live preview. Once you have selected a products or service, which is to your liking, you can quickly and securely pay via Paypal.
Once the transaction is complete, you gain full access to the purchased product.
Each item in BASEKCALL is maintained to its latest version. This ensures its smooth operation.